“For more than three years I had increasingly frequent attacks of sciatica, that were also increasingly intense.  I was missing work occasionally, debilitated by intense pain shooting down my left leg.  I had seen four medical doctors for the condition and all prescribed prescription medications for the pain, but  did not address the cause. Upon a referral from a friend I sought treatment at the Goodman Clinic.  Full spinal x-rays revealed the cause of my pain.  Dr. Goodman recommended treatment and said, ‘I believe we can have you pain free within two weeks.’ ‘Unbelievable’, I thought.  But I had treatment that first day and dutifully continued the treatments:  four times per week the first and second weeks.  After the fifth treatment my pain was noticeably reduced; after the seventh treatment it was gone.  I had regular, but decreasing number of similar treatments in the next few weeks.  A follow up x-ray six weeks later confirmed the correction of my abnormality. That was nearly 14 years ago and to this day I have not had a single recurrence of sciatic pain.  I have continued going to the Goodman Clinic monthly ever since to correct any mis-alignments that may occur. I cannot say enough about my gratitude to this wonderful and caring Goodman family.  They were truly a godsend to me.”
– Andy, Sylmar, CA

“I have had hip and back pain on and off for about 15 years. I have been to a few chiropractors, but I never felt relief afterwards. I was desperate because it was painful to walk. I heard about Goodman Chiropractors from a friend of mine whom I trust very much, she said the chiropractors use an alternative method that is pain free and its not a crack and pop adjustment. I finally made an appointment and I have to say loved it. They use the activator, and it is so gentle. When I stood up after my adjustment I immediately felt better. My legs were the same length. I felt balanced. Then to top it off I got a massage from the Viva tek machine. Its a gentle rolling ball up and down the spine which is healing the back. I actually look forward to my appointments.”
– Kelly, Thousand Oaks, CA 

“I have been a patient at the Goodman Chiropractic Clinic for over 18 years, after first coming to them for terrible lower back pain, with sciatic nerve pain caused by two herniated discs. I had tried nearly everything, and was looking into surgery, when I tried the activator method and Viva tek non-invasive disc rehabilitation as a last resort. The results changed my life, and surgery was no longer necessary as my discs were able to heal over time, when treated at the Goodman Clinic. I have continued as a patient over the years, as I have found that regular treatments also help tremendously with my migraine headaches. All aspects of my life have improved since I began chiropractic treatment, I can hike, ride my horses and work out without pain.”
– Darlene, Thousand Oaks, CA

“I have been a patient of Goodman Chiropractic for many years. I find the Activator and Viva tek method of treatment an invaluable tool for my overall health and pain management. Goodman Chiropractic provides excellent and prompt customer service. I highly recommend Goodman Chiropractic.”
– Mike, Westlake Village, CA

“I was impressed with how knowledgeable the Staff is and how thorough the chiropractors were in explaining a treatment plan tailored especially to meet my needs. Consistent, low-impact chiropractic treatment has made a difference in my health.”
– Donna, Simi Valley, CA

“Working in the movie industry, my back takes a beating. I can always count on the chiropractors at the Goodman Clinic to keep me feeling great.”
– Bill, Newbury Park, CA

“I highly recommend the Goodman Chiropractors. The technique they use is painless and it works.”
– Marilyn, Simi Valley, CA