Chiropractic Methodology: The Vivatek Method

The vivatek method is a computer-controlled, patient interactive, physical medicine system. It provides Non-invasive Spinal Disc Rehabilitation (NDR) that is compatible with conventional medicine and other respected alternative therapies. Vivatek’s spinal decompression treatments are gentle and painless. Patients look forward to each soothing, satisfying and highly therapeutic treatment – some actually fall asleep during NDR.

NDR is completely non-invasive- no surgery, drugs, needles or side effects. It is a spinal decompression and rehabilitation treatment for one of humanity’s oldest and most persistent pain producing conditions.

The spinal disc has been identified as the culprit for most back and neck pain producing conditions. A bio-mechanical lesion may be the beginning of ongoing pain syndromes but the disc and associated structures are the major cause of pain and neurological malfunction according to the latest and most reliable scientific research.

International Therapeutic Machines (I.T.M.) has developed a treatment system that provides Non-invasive Spinal Disc Rehabilitation (N.D.R.). The therapeutic spinal decompression device that provides N.D.R. is called Vivatek.

Vivatek has the ability of providing many types of therapy in constantly changing quantities simultaneously. This form of treatment is made possible only through computer technology and bio-robotics.

Vivatek is a state-of-the-art, computer controlled, bio-robotic, therapy system—Programmable to provide a full-spectrum of safe and highly effective treatments for the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions of the spine.

Vivatek’s soothing, satisfying and therapeutic Non-invasive Disc Rehabilitation is not an elite treatment just for the wealthy. Physicians, attorneys, insurance carriers and workers comp carriers recognize the predictable, high quality treatment this system provides.

With the Vivatek Treatment System, a patient is assured of receiving a personalized treatment with repeatable, predictable results.

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