The Fountain of Youth??

getupandwalkFor years we have encouraged our patients to move more and avoid sitting for long periods. A recent study from the University of Utah School of Medicine has shown that getting up and walking for at least two minutes every hour can lower your risk of early death by 33%.

This is called the 58/2 rule. Every 58 minutes it is important to spend 2 minutes walking (standing up just doesn’t cut it). Light intensity activities like walking or going up a flight of stairs are the key.

Set the alarm on your phone to remind you each hour to get up and walk. You can walk to the copier or water  cooler at work so you do not sit too long. Use the restroom at the far end of your home or office to get a little more walking in. For extra motivation, you might consider using a personal fitness tracking device like the Fitbit, Garmin or the Jawbone.


According to the World Health Organization, by 2020 two- thirds of all diseases worldwide will be the result of lifestyle choices.

Currently the leading causes of death in the United States are lifestyle related; poor diet, lack of exercise, obesity, tobacco use and overconsumption of alcohol.

The Chiropractic profession has long advocated this same philosophy that lifestyle choices may prevent many diseases, disorders and conditions. Making good lifestyle choices is preferable to dealing with conditions that can develop because of the wrong choices we make on a daily basis.

In regards to spinal conditions such as arthritis, we have discussed the importance of proper posture, maintaining spinal musculature strength, avoiding injurious habits, and maintaining proper spinal alignment.

Maintaining spinal alignment helps to minimize the wear and tear of the cartilage and disc between the spinal bones (vertebrae) just as keeping your car in good alignment helps to minimize the wear of your tires.

We hope periodic adjustments to maintain proper spinal alignment will be one of the lifestyle choices you make to help you live a more active, pain free life.

Many of our older patients have told us their friends have ended up needing canes, walkers and wheelchairs because of spinal pain. They feel the reason they have not ended up with spinal pain of that severity is their periodic adjustments to help maintain spinal alignment.


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