What is spinal decompression?

What is spinal decompression?”  and “Is it right for me?”  We hope the article below helps to explain spinal decompression and don’t forget to take the self assessment test below to see if you are experiencing disc pain.

Technology Triumphs Over Back Pain
For people suffering from back pain a technologically advanced treatment called spinal decompression (such as the Vivatek Method) may be the answer. This treatment is neither a surgical procedure, nor a drug, but a whole new technology for treating spinal pain.
The cause of back and neck pain for millions of people is a problem with the spinal disc. A spinal disc is a spacer which separates the vertebrae. The disc provides clearance between the vertebrae and the delicate spinal nerves and also allows movement of the spinal column.
Just as a tire is inflated with air, a spinal disc is filled with fluid.  If the disc is overworked or injured, it will lose fluid and will go down similar to a tire losing air and going flat.  As a tire goes flat, the sidewall of the tire bulges outward.  As the disc goes down, the sidewall of the disc can bulge outward.  This is called a bulging disc.
The vertebrae come closer together when disc problems occur, compressing the delicate spinal nerves.  This compression of the nerve is the cause of pain.
Three things occur when a disc problem causes compression of spinal nerves.  They can occur individually or together:

  1. Pain where the nerve is compressed (back or neck).
  2. Pain will begin to radiate along the path of the  compressed nerve (from the neck into the arms, or down the buttocks and hip and into the legs.)
  3. Whatever the nerve is controlling will begin to malfunction.

Examples of these malfunctions include:  tingling or numbness in the hands and feet or loss of strength in the arms or legs.
Spinal Decompression is a painless effective treatment for disc problems.  Fluid content and nutrient exchange are increased.  In other words, fluid is brought back into the disc and the disc can regain its normal shape and size.  Spinal Decompression is the high tech treatment that may help back pain become a  thing of the past.
If you or someone you know is suffering pain from an injured, degenerative or desiccated disc, spinal decompression may prevent a lifetime of pain.
The Goodman Clinic utilizes “The Vivatek Method” or spinal decompression safe, effective and painless.   

Self Assessment Test
The following may be signs of disc problems.
Do you experience:                                                                            
    1.  Morning Stiffness
    2.  Increased low back pain after prolonged sitting
    3.  Increased pain bending forward
    4.  Pain radiating into legs or arms
    5.  Numbness or weakness in legs or arms
    6.  Increased pain when standing, coughing or sneezing
    7.  Increased pain when lifting
    8.  Limitation or pain with straight leg raising
If you answered yes to 1 or 2 signs, you may have disc problems.
If you answered yes to 3 or more you probably have disc problems.

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