Will Exercise Help Me Sleep Better?

Absolutely!  Exercise helps you sleep better because your stress hormone levels drop several hours after you exercise. Most people who have trouble sleeping have increased levels of stress hormones in their blood, keeping them chronically hyper-aroused and awake.
Exercise initially increases stress hormones, but the levels soon fall. That’s why exercise is called “nature’s best tranquilizer.”

Studies show that regular exercise works well for preventing insomnia among older adults who find it harder to sleep.   Exercise also helps everyone experience a deeper, more restful sleep.

Exercise is most helpful if it is undertaken well before bedtime and dinner. Several hours before bedtime, do any doctor-approved moderate-intensity exercise that you enjoy, for about 30-45 minutes. If possible, exercise before eating dinner.

 Maddie and Red Goodman (Dr. Barry’s faithful dogs) say that exercise and recreation time should be scheduled like every other important thing in our lives.   Maddie and Red make Dr. Barry take them for a walk every evening!  To improve your health and longevity, as well as have more fun, take your dog for a hike, go for a walk at the beach, ride a bike, go to the park, get out there.

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