Why are Chiropractic x-rays taken?

Most of us have an annual check-up, annual chest x-ray and see our dentist every six months. This is part of preventative health care and helps us have happy, healthy lives. Unfortunately, the importance of a thorough Chiropractic X-ray examination is greatly misunderstood by many people.

Chiropractors strive to diagnose and treat the cause of back problems. The Doctor of Chiropractic feels a responsibility to be certain there are no complications that could prevent or delay recovery. X-rays allow us to determine if fractures, soft tissue or bone diseases, malformations or dislocations are the cause of back pain.

Once your Doctor of Chiropractic has determined that no pathology is present to prevent or delay recovery, the cause of the condition must be evaluated. Misalignments of the spine causing pressure or irritation to the nerves can be discovered with X-rays. Problems with the normal curves of the spine or the spinal discs can be determined with the use of X-rays. X-rays of the spine are used to help analyze the positions of the bones to locate misalignments.

Chiropractic adjustments can then be used to treat the misalignments removing nerve pressure and irritation. The result is pain relief and restoration of normal health and function without surgery or drugs.

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