Goodman Family Chiropractors

Established in 1977, Goodman Family Chiropractors have served the chiropractic needs of Thousand Oaks, California for over three decades. The chiropractors at the Goodman Clinic strive to provide high quality, effective, professional chiropractic care services rendered in a compassionate, comfortable, and friendly setting.

Our chiropractic care provides safe and effective treatment for people of all ages. Chiropractic care treatment can be an excellent choice for people suffering from:

  • headaches (including migraines)
  • neckache
  • backache
  • pain or numbness
  • tingling in shoulders, arms, and legs

We provide chiropractic care treatment for disc injuries, including herniated discs. Our treatment is a scientific, non-surgical method for back or neck injuries. We utilize the following:

The Vivatek Method

The vivatek is a computer-controlled, patient interactive, physical medicine system. It provides Non-invasive Disc Rehabilitation (NDR) that is compatible with conventional medicine and other respected alternative therapies. Vivatek’s treatments are gentle and painless.
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The Activator Method

The Activator Method is the only instrument adjusting technique backed by clinical trials. It is one of the most widely-researched chiropractic techniques and the only instrument adjusting technique with clinical trials to support its efficacy.
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Chiropractic Care in Thousand Oaks, California


Our office is located at:
425 Lombard St. (& Thousand Oaks Blvd.):
Thousand Oaks, California 91360

Please call us at (805) 495-2735 with any questions or to make an appointment.